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AFL Richmond Men’s and Women’s Indigenous Jumper

I had the privilege of designing both the AFL Richmond Women’s jumper and AFL men’s jumper through my work with the Korin Gamadji Institute at the Richmond Football club. The Men’s jumper was created with players Shane Edwards (Arrernte) and Jack Riewoldt. Both designs speak to Country, the ongoing work with Culture and community at the club and the Cultural elements that speak to trust, growth and connection.


Women’s Jumper story:

This is for our women – the symbols represent connection, Country and people in our communities. It’s for our staunch Matriarch that lives on. Our Elders, Aunties, Jija’s and Children. For the women that pave the way and for those who are rising. It’s for every woman that steps on that field and represents something greater than ourselves. We are bold, we are powerful.


Men’s Jumper story:

This is for our men – it represents the strength of brotherhood and the connections made on and off the field. The gum leaf represents this connection. It is a symbol of power and growth – the healing and protection from your ancestors and from the brothers who stand alongside you. This meeting place is sacred. A long line of brothers who share a special bond. A story of connection that will forever live on. Together they will thrive. Together they will fight. Together they will win.

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akweke stories x
cadbury roses

Akweke Stories collaborated with Cadbury Roses for a limited edition Roses Gift box to celebrate mums everywhere. The story, titled ‘Meye’, speaks to all of our mothers, our birth mothers, our aunts, grandmothers, sisters and all the women of our communities.


Through this collaboration, Cadbury Roses donated $50,000 dollars to the Stars Foundation which supports more than 2,500 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls and young women across Australia – inspiring them to reach their full potential.


moe moe designs

Akweke Stories collaborated with Moe Moe Designs in creating limited edition earrings and accessories. The artwork used in this collaboration was Akweke Stories ‘Jamie’ print.