Apurrke // Tired


This one wasn't a good time. The triggers set me off and my mind was going wild. The top orange part represents my triggers, I can be going well, having a fantastic week and then it all comes crumbling down. Something triggers my negative thoughts are the worst part of us, sometimes telling us we aren't worthy or aren't enough. 


The bottom part is my brain. My mind and all the layers to it. All the crazy parts that make something so wonderful and intelligent and extraordinary, but also something that fails us, that takes over our body and actions, telling us things we know aren't true but seem to have total control over our choices. That's something people need to understand, whilst we think we have control over our body and mind, our brain is so powerful and taught to do things out of our control, that sometimes it takes over and we are no longer in the drivers seat. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves what's special about us. 




A3 print - Fine Art Pigment Prints

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