Sometimes new spaces are created in our lives for special people. Through loss, I gained a Buddy. 


I struggled a lot as a kid to describe this special someone. He filled many of the roles my father would have, but couldn't. He always showed up but stood silently in the background ready to catch us if we fell. He brought safety and laughter where there might not have been. And don't get me wrong, he has always known how to push my buttons, but at the end of the day he always shows up. 


On the forms I call him my step-dad. To my Audrey Rose he will always be Poppy. When I'm angry he will be Chris. But for as long as I can he will always be Buddy. So I'm lucky to have a Buddy for Father's Day. How lucky me and my sister are to have multiple people fill the role of a father. How lucky my niece is to have a Poppy. How lucky I am to have a brother because of him. 

There's always room for special people. 


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