Angente // Mirage, Heat haze


Angente is about a place; one you've never been, one you'll never visit. It's about a feeling, a feeling so strong that you'll never forget it. You know its stories, its tracks, its verses; but you'll never hear its songs. An untouchable place, protected by custodians of old. 


Angente is about a moment, an understanding of oneself. You are not meant to be here. The sand is time, the water is life, and the earth is your home. 


Angente is about you, knowing your presence in the world, and in time, knowing the lands you walk on, and feeling the mirage pull you in. 


This piece works to unravel all that is unexplainable, setting out the fierce hierarchy of life through traditional lore. It speaks to the balance of all nature, spelling out the cycles of life that give food, spirit and voice to our people. It speaks of uterne, the sun, washing away ingwe's remains, showing off the beauty of this country, the untouchable mirage found in these moments of change. 


Words by Ryan Ambrose Cole O'Callaghan 

Luritja / Arrernte / Warramungu 




Limited edition - custom canvas


*no digital reproductions


Acrylic Paint on Stretched canvas 

48" by 36"