This one is a lil wun story, but a big part of my life. This lil wun story is about the person or people who are your most treasured, most important, and most critical to your life. They are 'your person'. It doesn't have to be someone you share a romantic relationship with, or blood related or someone you speak to everyday. Maybe it is your best friend, your sister, your mum, your partner, your sex buddy, the person who you are starting to fall in love with, someone you've know for 20 years or someone you've only known for a couple of months. This person keeps you going, the person you know will answer your call in times of need, the person who does stupid things with you, makes you laugh and smile, holds you in your darkest times and makes you feel like home. This piece represents so much. The purple symbols in the slight 'u' shape represents people, both me and my sister. Connecting to this are representative of our lungs, what keeps us breathing, reminding us that we are alive and to enjoy every part of it. We must keep going. There are stepping stones that reach to this which shows our pathways in our own lives, with each other and in the work we do. On the left hand side is the symbol for meeting place, where our families meet, the important people in our lives, and all the beautiful stories that continue on. And the round symbols at the top are our stories together, when we laughed like crazy over silly things, when we cried together, and when we danced like nobody was watching. The bottom orange 'u' like shapes are all the people around us who make us these incredibly important beautiful people to the world. Because we can't survive without them, we can't survive without relationships. My person, my sister, is Fleur. She is one of the many important people in my life that I love, and one that keeps me going. Hold on to your 'person'. Never let them go. 



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