Marley is one of a kind. Someone who I met a few days before my 21st, invited her to it and that night we agreed we would move in together. This piece represents my tidda - someone who makes you feel comfortable, someone you know you can lean on, they carry the same banter as you, and they go above and beyond to understand and ensure a safe space for all of your anxieties (without even saying a word about it). The white layer is her absolute beauty in every shape and form, and the bottom blue layers are all the people she supports on a daily basis- this is her family all over the Country. I can imagine at times it would be very difficult to continue to care for people, especially when you’ve got your own shit going on, but she continues to do it. She continues to show up. This makes the outside even more beautiful. My soul sista will forever be in my life - let’s be real, I’m pretty sure we’re related. But no matter where we are, I know my tidda will always show up.




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