My 'Naarm' piece is a reflection of my time on this Country. It explores my connection to the lands that are so far from my own - how different it is to the Country I am so used to being on. The circles on the right are a reflection of my meeting places; from our health services, to our community events and to my greatest blessing, our young people. These places keep me going and ensure I am safe. It demonstrates this shared responsibility but also the many opportunities that arise for young people. 

The piece then goes on to depict the water lands through the colours and symbols, from the Yarra river to the Murray, and explores the complexities of the high-rise towers through its boldness and cohesiveness, beautiful in its architectural stance but so far from our days before. The colours convey my identity as an Aboriginal woman on these lands – so strong and powerful, yet humble and peaceful. Each symbol, colour and marking in this piece has a purpose, just like the way I see my time in Naarm, it recognises the past and the present but also this ongoing dialogue for all of our futures. This piece does not just reflect my own story, but many of those who come far and wide to make this place home. 

My time on Country here has been special. The Ancestors have allowed so many of us to travel and explore these lands so graciously. That is the most important part to convey in this story. That these Aboriginal lands nurture us all, allow us to explore ourselves and our own purpose, and how we all work and be together. How lucky we are to be cared for by Bunjil.




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