After big rain, the snakes come out lookin for some tucker. Big mob puddles all round, snake gotta look out for em aye. But he hungry, gotta help family find tucker before sun go down. Country filled with big mob trees and bushes for snake to find feed, must go gathering all together. Dad teaches young one how to hunt and mum ready to make the meanest feed. Young ones always learning, land sacred and full of yummy food and medicine to keep us going. Gotta learn the ways, important you know. Snakes go sleep soon after big day. Nanight snakes, see you tomorrow. 




A3 print - Fine Art Pigment Prints

The lands you live, breathe and work on have been beautifully cared for, nurtured and protected for over 60,000 years by it's Elders, Ancestors, Aunties, Uncles and young people. Akweke Stories acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands in which these paintings arise from, pays deep respect to the Ancestors, Elders and the Dreamings, and extends that respect and love to your family, people and community. 

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