The March

The March

For over 200 years we've marched. We've had to. Your heartbeat sings the sound of 'Always was, always will be' and is followed by 'no justice, no peace'. Marching isn't this new revelation. Our Ancestors have done it long before us. And it begs to question, who is really listening? The people are showing up. In thousands we take the streets, but the folks in the big white walls seem to have a silence chamber to the rest of the Country. We know this, but for how long must our feet bleed from the steps, our voices break and our hearts pound. 

You can see in this piece all the mobs coming together around this 'Country'. Meeting on their own lands to shout our tears. It's beautiful to see mobs come together, but we have to remember why we do? These problems we march for are not isolated to one mob or land. We are dying in custoday everywhere. We are beaten by racist words and the systems that hound us with unforgiving laws everywhere. It doesn't stop. Neither does the marching. 


This piece is a reminder. Take it as you want. I see the beauty of our mobs meeting within. But on whose terms? 



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